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From Durham:

Selling a house in this market takes clear intention, and Jamey - you are wonderful at preventing surprises that could have prevented a sale!

We wanted to know ahead of time ANYTHING that might cause a breakdown so that the buyers are happy with their purchase and we feel clear and good about the home we're passing on.

Thanks for being professional, easy to work with, informative and THOROUGH!


Ken Morehead

From Mebane:

Buying an older home presents its own set of challenges. We wanted to be well prepared for what they might be and knew that an excellent home inspector would help us find out what they were.

We chose not to follow the recommendations of our realtor but instead do our own research for an inspector and Jamey Tippens's name kept rising to the top.

Cream rises to the top and in his case there's a reason why... he's the best in the business.

His very timely report was to the point and easy to understand without compromising the quality of his inspection. We made a very wise investment when we chose Jamey Tippens as our home inspector.

Morris Brown and Sherry Gray

From Raleigh:


I wanted to thank you for doing such a wonderful job on our home inspection on Baybridge the other day. I have seen many inspection reports over the years and yours is one of the most comprehensive, thorough and understandable I have ever seen.

You discovered many items the builder was unaware of and has agreed to take care of.

Thank you again!

Lynn G.

From Mebane:

Mr.Tippens was very thorough,conscientious, and easy to work with. The owner was home, but he was able to communicate with her both in person and in his report in a way that was respectful of her home, which made it much easier to get the "fixes" made that we needed. I would hire him again in a flash.

Ann Joyner, Mebane, NC

From Burlington:

My husband and I recently purchased a home in Burlington, NC. Although our home is newly constructed, we decided that we needed to have it inspected. A friend referred us to Jamey Tippens. We contacted him within two weeks of closing, and he made himself available to do the inspection. Jamey is very personable, and a true professional. We learned so much about our new home, and how to properly take care of it. Within a day of the inspection, Jamey provided us with an extensive inspection report. There were actually a few repairs that needed to be made before we closed! Because we were so exicted and happy about the purchase, we could have easily over looked these important repairs. We highly recommend Jamey's inspection services. In fact, my husband was so impressed that he has already referred a colleague.

Seletha Pherribo-Bumphus, James Bumphus, Jr.

From Chapel Hill:

I highly recommend Jamey Tippens. I have used his services several times over the past few years for both my home and for investment properties. Jamey is thorough and efficient and extremely pleasant and easy to work with. His explanations are clear and thoughtful and the report itself is comprehensive and easy to understand. I appreciate the fact that I can contact him with any questions that might arise for a year past the inspection date. I have used other inspectors in the past, but won't ever again!

A. Brown

From Cary:

Dear Jamey,
My wife and I want to express our gratitude for the very thorough inspection you performed on the home we are buying. I was impressed both with the thoroughness of your services—you really took the time to explore every nook and cranny of the property—and with the sensitivity and professionalism you displayed in pointing out and explaining issues as they were identified. I was especially impressed by the level of detail of the inspection report you prepared for us, which included photographs and practical recommendations on how to address issues of immediate concern as well as how to maintain our home in the future. I will definitely keep your report close at hand throughout the years to come.

Sincerest thanks,
Matthew and Charity Smith

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From Durham:

Jamey Tippens provided everything my wife and I could expect from a quality home inspection.

He arrived promptly, and completed his thorough investigation with respect for our experience as first-time homeowners.

He was personable and approachable.

He offered full explanation of each problem he documented as well a willingness to assist should any further needs arise.

Aaron Ratcliffe

From Chapel Hill:

Wow - beautiful, detailed report! I am very impressed. Thank you again for meeting us at the last minute - you've done an excellent job! And so generous to offer us advice, I appreciate that.


From Elon:

I thought your home inspection was conducted in a very timely and professional manner and thorough. In fact, I was very impressed that I received a detailed report, including photos, within a few hours. I've had several inspections, while selling my own home, and had to wait days for the results, so I appreciate the quick turnaround time. Finally, everything pointed out during the inspection was identical to the written report and no surprises, which illustrates your integrity.

Scott Haskell

From Cary:

Dear Jamey, After your recent inspection of our new home in Cary, I felt that a note of appreciation and gratitude was definitely in order. I would like to say that initially my search for a home inspector took me to many possibilities, but the candor and professionalism of your profile stood out remarkably. This impression was soon verified by your confident and professional demeanor, as you proceeded to perform your task with a fine eye for detail, resulting in a thorough inspection and a comprehensive report that has properly identified every item that required rectification. Without your fine assistance we surely would have missed many important points, especially that we are first-time home buyers. Thank you so much, Jamey! We would certainly recommend you as THE best.

warmest wishes,

alida a. gamal